By the Waters of Elim, a brief respite on the long journey to the promised land...

To understand the ‘world and life view’ that brought the members of Elim together, you must turn to Exodus 15:27. The text says: ‘Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees; so they camped there by the waters’. (God’s chosen people had just encountered a barren desert and bitter waters. They were now shown a temporary, but very pleasant place, a respite from the desert voyage that they encountered on the way to the ‘Promised Land’.) This theme shows that we, as Christians living in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta, are awaiting the Promised Land.

Elim currently operates two Independent Living facilities in Lethbridge Alberta, Elim Village and Balmoral House.



Join us in our walk June 1st 2019. Click on image below for more information.

Mission: The Elim Society for Senior Citizens Care, supports the well-being of residents by 
providing safe, comfortable housing in a loving community guided by Christian principles 
and values.

Vision: The Elim Society for Senior Citizens Care will provide a variety of residential levels of care for Christian seniors in an environment where their faith is honoured and Christ is served.